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The Engcon range of Tiltrotators allow simple, precise attachment control by granting the working head of a machine unlimited rotation and 40 degree tilting across two planes. This allows any machine greater versatility and reduces the need for repositioning which maintains productivity and reduces fuel consumption.
Apart from the advantages of strength and functionality, the cost of spare parts and complete cylinders is cheaper. Engcon’s cylinders are also easier to service than other competing types. The valve block is located in the lower section which reduces the risk of crushing and bending damage.
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European Plant Services supply the complete range of Engcon Tiltrotators
Available for most makes and model machines
from 1.5 to 32 tons, with or without 3 claw grab.
Buckets & Attachments By Machine Type
Excavator Buckets and Attachments
All buckets can be supplied with:
Welded Teeth   /   Replaceable Segments   /   Rippers   /   Blades
GP XP 6"
GP XP 9"
GP XP 12"
GP XP 18" 0.21m3
HD XP 24" 0.44m3
HD XP 30" 0.59m3
HD XP 36" 0.75m3
HD XP 48" 1.07m3
GP XP 24" 0.44m3
GP XP 30" 0.59m3
GP XP 36" 0.75m3
GP XP 39" 0.85m3
R XP 24" 0.44m3
R XP 32" 0.64m3
R XP 43" 0.96m3
GP XP 43" 0.96m3
GP XP 48" 1.07m3
GP XP 52" 1.18m3
GP XP 60" 1.39m3
Ditching Bucket 36"
Ditching Bucket 72"
Ditching Bucket 84"
Ditching Bucket 96"
Double Locking Quick Hitch
Hydraulic Hammers
Compaction Plates
Multi Tyne Grabs
Pile Crunshers
Piles Cutters
Rotary Cutters
Loader Buckets and Attachments
4 In 1 Bucket 
Waste Handling Bucket

GP Loader Bucket c/w:
- Teeth
- Scraper Cutting Edge
- Plastic Coating
High Tip c/w:
- Grain Handling
- Waste Handling
- Epoxy Coated
- With Hydraulic Clamp
- With Spill Guards
- With Spill Guards And Holes
Container Hook
Lifting Yoke For Big Bags
Double Big Bale Spike
- With KHK Mounting
Pusher Blade
HD Blades
Access Basket
Tipping Skips
Bucket Sweepers
Telehandler Buckets and Attachments
Concrete Bucket
HD Bucket
Snow Bucket
Rock Bucket
Rock Bucket with Grapple
Scrap Grapple Bucket
Bale Spear (single or double)
Pallet Forks
Swing Pallet Forks
Swing Carriage
Jib Crane
Tipping Skips
Shear Grabs
Pole Grabs
Drum Grips
More buckets and attachments available on request,
contact sales on 0113 2046919 to discuss your requirements and get a quote
Quick Hitches
Quick Hitches are devices that allow an excavator to change its bucket or attachment quickly and safely, this increases production by minimising machine downtime and increasing versatility.
European Plant Services offer Quick Hitches for all sizes and makes of excavators. All our Quick Hitches of 5t and above comply with HSE guidance and feature twin locking fully automatic coupling with independent front and back pins for maximum safety.
European Plant Services supply hydraulic quick hitches for all makes of excavators
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